The costs of a student’s education vary from EUR 20.00 to EUR 80.00 per month, depending on the type of educational institution they attend and their particular requirements. We evaluate each individual case to ensure that each student is able to learn in the best possible conditions, which means that we may also decide to contribute towards their cost of living.

You can choose to be either a Student Sponsor or a Regular Sponsor, or if you prefer you can simply make a one-off donation.

Student Sponsor (Full or Half)
Become a Student Sponsor and you can contribute towards the educational costs of an individual student.

A full sponsorship is EUR 80.00. And because we understand and appreciate that not everyone can afford to cover the full cost of a sponsorship, you can alternatively take a half sponsorship for EUR 40.00 per month.

Read more about our students here.

Regular Sponsor
Becoming a Regular Sponsor allows you to decide how much you want to donate each month, starting from as little as EUR 20.00. Your contribution will go towards more general costs, which range from medical expenses to public transport, food, or the cost of an internet connection.

Make a one-off donation
If a regular payment is too much of a commitment, you can simply make a one-time donation.

If you would like to help in other ways, how about fundraising for BetterDayz? There are many ways you can help us to raise funds, and we’d be more than happy to support you.

Here are just a few examples of past fundraisers:
– flea market (you can donate things for us to sell, or organise your own stand)
– online sales (sell objects online and donate the proceeds to BetterDayz)
– running events (ask friends, family, and colleagues to sponsor your run)
– music concert
– art exhibition
– sponsored read

How you can pay

By credit card or PayPal

By bank transfer
Erste Bank der oesterreichischen Sparkassen AG
IBAN: AT43 2011 1838 7337 0600