Valerie and James Gray were involved in various charity projects in Sierra Leone. During their travels, they were moved by the stories of many young people who find themselves with no access to education through no fault of their own, often following the death of one or both parents.

This led to the idea of creating BetterDayz, a non-profit organisation which gives young people the opportunity to get back on track with their education and their lives.

“Our ultimate goal is for our students to be able to lead independent lives, increase their chances of a future free from poverty, and to make their own contribution to society.”

BetterDayz – non-profit association supporting students in Sierra Leone

Am Bahnweg 35, 3011 Untertullnerbach, Austria
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Registered in Austria, PLS3-V-1834/003 on 20 February, 2020
Registration in Sierra Leone pending

Would you like to help? Or do you have questions about our project? We are looking forward to hearing from you.