We’re hiring!

Coordinator / Supervisor, part-time, based in Freetown, Sierra Leone BetterDayz is currently looking to fill the role of Coordinator / Supervisor. The Coordinator represents the founders of BetterDayz on the ground, and supervises the activities and smooth day-to-day running of BetterDayz. This position is based on a yearly, renewable contract, and is subject to an … Continue reading We’re hiring!

Inaugural “BetterDayz Marathon” scheduled for October 11, 2020

2020 has been a marathon in itself, with lots of ups and downs and phases of pushing through the pain barrier. COVID-19 has made fundraising in particular a challenge, not just for BetterDayz, but for all charities. Every year, James will run a half or full marathon to raise funds and awareness for charity. Running … Continue reading Inaugural “BetterDayz Marathon” scheduled for October 11, 2020